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  • Spotted Gully

    1300mm Spotty caught and released at Betty's Bay using my Saragosa 20000 with 50lb powerpro braid and 8/0 VMC sport circle. Bait used was mullet cutlet with chokka.... ...

    by Charl Marais
    Sunday, 30 August 2015
  • My quest for a Giant African threadfin

    The Kwanza River in central Angola is well known as one of the places where one can catch world record sized tarpon. What is not so well known, however, is that during the winter months when the tar ...

    by Craig Thomassen
    Thursday, 27 August 2015
  • Shimano Trevala S series, awesome new jigging rods

    At last Shimano has produced a range of improved Trevala rods with top quality fittings. The new  Trevala S utilizes a construction type in the blank called C4S. C4s results in incredible ho ...

    by Craig Thomassen
    Thursday, 27 August 2015

    The new Shimano Sedona reels have arrived and are making waves………………… The new Shimano Sedona FE Spinning Reels received a complete makeover. Still delivering exceptional angler value, they now come e ...

    by Darryl Quinton
    Monday, 24 August 2015
  • Galjoen

    This lovely 42 cm Galjoen was caught and released at Hermanus Plaat with 2/0 VMC circle, 50lb powerpro braid and my new smooth Spheros 8000 (highly impressive). Bait used was wonder worm. ...

    by Charl Marais
    Friday, 14 August 2015
  • New Rapala Shadow Rap

      New Rapala Shadow Rap   I recently had the opportunity to test some new baits. If you have not heard of or seen the new Rapala Shadow Rap then you probably stay in a small town without ...

    by Japie Botha
    Tuesday, 11 August 2015
  • Spotty

    177cm Spotty caught and released at Betty's Bay from the beach. Tackle used: Saragosa 20000, 50lb powerpro braid, 8/0 VMC sport circle, and mullet head for bait. ...

    by Charl Marais
    Friday, 31 July 2015
  • Crankbaits catch the Big Bass - July YBASS event

    During the July YBASS event held at Albert Falls a couple of truly large fish were caught. The winning bag caught off over 8kg for 5 fish by Team Yamaha Diverse Industries were caught in the first hou ...

    by Martin de Kock
    Tuesday, 28 July 2015
  • Gauteng Ebass Rust de Winter dam 2015

    I hope you guys are getting some time on the water even though that it is winter now. I recently wrote a short article for the SA Bass on how rewarding winter bassing can be! Your first question will ...

    by Japie Botha
    Monday, 27 July 2015
  • TOPS Corporate Challenge - The Final

    What a weekend… 4 seasons in 48 hours… It certainly separated the rabid fly fishers from the fair weathered fisherman. And a lot of Partycipation at the TOPS Corporate Challenge as one has come t ...

    by Gareth George
    Monday, 27 July 2015
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